Where to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange can be a very lucrative business if you know how to analyze the price variation in these and understand them properly. You can easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or some cryptocurrency for a very low price and resell it when its value has increased, generating a high level of income.

To achieve the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies for money or other cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to use certain pages that focus on this process. Below we explain where to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for the most popular options on the market.

What are cryptocurrency wallets or e-wallets?
Before learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it is important to understand what having a cryptocurrency all is about. Cryptocurrencies have a code with high-level encryption, this is transferred and stored in what are known as wallets.

There are wallets that allow you to have different types of cryptocurrencies and other specialized ones for a particular currency. Some applications allow you to store your cryptocurrencies in internet web applications, while others require that you have them directly in the wallet that you install on your mobile or a USB device.

Wallets for Ethereum
Being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today besides Bitcoin, Ethereum has a large number of wallets available. The most popular options to use when storing your cryptocurrency are as follows.

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This wallet has a specialized design focused on user security. At the time of the transactions, you will have to have a double signature to carry out transactions with a high level of security. It can be used with Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies.

One of the main free wallets specialized in the sale of Ehtereum, allowing the exchange for conventional currencies to the cryptocurrency and vice versa. This allows compatibility with other third-party wallets to the application, for the purchase of Etherum.

Being one of the specialized wallets to use with Android and iOS mobiles, this application allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for other popular cryptocurrencies. It is a very safe option, since it stores all the information on your mobile in a secure way.

Wallets for Bitcoin
Some of the cryptocurrency wallets are specialized for use with Bitcoin, however many have diversified their market. If you want to make transactions between Bitcoin and these other cryptocurrencies or commercial currencies, these are some of the most popular and used options for exchange.

Coinbase focuses primarily on the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, however, you will be able to exchange all kinds of commonly used cryptocurrencies with this application. The application is secure and uses an encryption system within your iOS or Android mobile device.

For those starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies, Coinmama is an easy to understand wallet and widely used by people around the world. One of the advantages is that it does not have restrictions for countries like some other wallets. The application allows you to store your money on your Android or iOS device, exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies through the same application.

One of the best options to use with different cryptocurrencies, Kraken has an extremely simple exchange between the different options. It also has easy use of international currencies such as dollars and euros.
To start you just have to put a nickname and your personal or work email. By creating your account, you will be able to exchange between some of the most popular options such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ehtereum, among others. This application has one of the safest electronic wallet systems.

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