A Bitcoin portfolio has recently moved at least $1 billion

In the world of Bitcoin many incredible things happen. This time it is one of the largest bitcoin portfolios, recently made a transaction of one billion dollars, which represents at least 0.55% of all BTCs that exist today. After that, the market began to speculate on who was responsible for the stock. Pixabay Bitcoin’s largest … Read more

How to invest cryptocurrencies and make money online?

Many people have heard of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that started this world generating a great impact on the world economy and taking everyone by surprise. After this, many more cryptocurrencies emerged that have gained great popularity such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, among others. Even though many people know about cryptocurrencies, fear takes them and they … Read more

What is BTC and how to use it on the Internet

Bitcoins, abbreviated as BTC, are digital currencies. These are similar to US dollars or the euro and are intended to make exchanges of goods and services. It has some new features and is recognized for its ease of exchange, it is effective and safe. This currency is decentralized, this means that nobody supervises it. The … Read more