John McAfee bets on Bitcoin: his million dollar prediction

Is it possible that the BTC platform will reach this exorbitant speculation? Despite being the creator of the renowned McAfee anti-virus, many do not believe in his prediction. In the middle of the year, the bitcoin shows no signs of recovery in the face of a decadent fall. It seems that the quarantine is affecting the largest platform of crypto currencies as well.

By the end of 2020, a bitcoin will be worth $1 million. Such a gamble may fuel a wave of impulse buyers for the bitcoin, but raising its price will not be possible without large investors who still have confidence in the crypto currency.

Even the television media have criticized his bet as an absurd superstition. However, John has responded to this with an optimistic response, stating that if this does not happen he will put his reputation at stake.

With these statements it is likely that this wave of impulse buyers for BTC is stalking the market.

A wild prediction
Few have been able to predict the growth of Bitcoin, after such a prediction John is surely preparing a good investment in the sector. The million dollar question is how much is at stake? For McAfee, I’m sure that what is most at stake in terms of value is his own reputation.

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