BTC continues to decline after the Covid pandemic 19

The BTC has fallen back by 2% and its rise is a little distant in the eyes of investors. Its price remains slightly above USD 9,000. The United States government has warned of at least 100,000 contagions a day, an alarming figure that puts many factors of the world economy into play.

As long as the pandemic is raging in the US, the BTC does not give much promise in the short term. It seems that the cash flow in the market is not working, only a setback in the new economy could reverse the situation of the BTC.

Despite the fact that on the optimistic side the resistance is close to 10K, economic specialists say that in the short term no favorable results are expected. The rest of the crypto currencies such as ETH and Bitcoin Cash are also in ups and downs, trading at USD 226,219, while Litecoin (LTC) is dropping close to USD 40.

XRP drops to USD 0.174
Cardano (ADA) low by 0.1%, remaining at 0.092

Not only does BTC appear to be affected by the pandemic

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