An executive who stimulates his happiness by buying bitcoins

Trading bitcoins is a passion for many people. One such person is Parker Lewis, who is currently head of business development at Unchained Capital. Although the BTC is in decline, Lewis is taking advantage of the decline in cryptomoney to profit from it in the marketplace.

Many turn their backs on the BTC when the government begins to comment badly on it. But only the strongest wait for the right moments, is the ideology of this executive who gives his positive opinion about the perfect time to buy.

In fact, he has opined that the amount of debt being accumulated by the United States in the wake of the pandemic will cause the system to remain in place, a balance that is temporary and in turn totally understandable.

In such circumstances, it seems that the large amount of dollars that will be injected into the market to supply the system will be both scarce and in demand due to the amounts of debt. People will be less concerned about Bitcoin at that time, and in fact this situation is now a fact.

Given this the bitcoin community cannot be alarmed into selling large amounts of BTC, otherwise they are on the losing side.

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