A Bitcoin portfolio has recently moved at least $1 billion

In the world of Bitcoin many incredible things happen. This time it is one of the largest bitcoin portfolios, recently made a transaction of one billion dollars, which represents at least 0.55% of all BTCs that exist today. After that, the market began to speculate on who was responsible for the stock.

Bitcoin’s largest portfolios are counted, one of them being that of Pixabay, made up of one or several anonymous investors. It has at least 101,857 BTC, representing at present an amount close to one billion dollars.

This operation was notified by Bitcoin Block Bot on June 27. The transactions were made in 2 anonymous directions, one received the amount of 5,000 BTC and the other 96,857.

The portfolio has reported that it is one of the largest transactions made so far.

Other possible suspects of the millionaire transaction
The Winklevoss brothers are also powerful investors, we are talking about the twins who resented the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and who now have a large investment fund at BTC.

Hal Finney’s family doesn’t escape either, remember that he was the first person to be able to run Bitcoin software, after its creator “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Who do you think that is?

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